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Testimonials and Views of Customers

Testimonials and Views from customers


Note: HairyCure product has been in use for more than 10 years in loacal area. Most of our old clients from local area cannot speak or write English, so most of the client's views are translated  into English with our staff assistance.


Mrs Peter
My daughter was so hairy on Asian skin black hair was a very big problem. But after 3 month of use of Hairy Cure she got complete cured. Thanks to inventer. 
2011-11-23 23:18:53
Saima Khan
Hi, I am very old customer of this product, when this just introduced on INDUS TV channel. I got treatment for facial hair  now i am free from unwanted hair since long time. I pray for its success.
2011-04-07 05:01:22
I am student of in Punjab University. One of my friends told me about Hairy Cure, I used it underarms and got full cured in 3 months.
2011-11-23 23:18:23
Farrah Naz
5 years ago I got hair on my chin area. In my office staff is male and female both. So it was so much tension for me to sit among them with this condition. i become depress and stopped going any where.rnrnBy chance i met one my old school friend after long time in a festival by chance. She become shocked to see me with hair on face, then she told me she was also got hair on face and she used HairyCure and got full cured. I was not beveling her because that time her face was so cleaned.But then she told me in details and her mother in law also confirmed her statement. First time after wax i applied on little area to see the sensitivity but i felt cool effect on skin so i applied on full face. Because i used to shave for long time and my hair became so hard that's why i got complete cured in 6 month and i am passing confident life.
2012-02-29 02:39:36
Mrs Ethesham
My name is Mrs Ethesham, I am housewife and having no children, because of hormonal disturbance.I got hair on face just after my puberty.So I was shy to attend any function like family parties. By chance one day I saw Tv ad about Hairycure. I was not sure but I was so depress. I thought what if give a try. So I ordered HairyCure. In first 2 sessions I could not feel clear result but after 3rd sitting I felt difference. My hair were becoming thin and less. After 6 month treatment I got full result and my husband was also happy with this treatment because it so easy in use and I was able to use at home. No need to go any clinic. I am so thankfull to Allah on getting cure from unwanted hair. This is real permanent hair remover.
2012-03-02 14:59:09
I am student of inter. I have premature menopause.Because of this condition i have heavy hair growth on my full body. My one friend Ayesha told me in college about Hairy Cure. I used it on my full body and got full cured. I observed most effective and fast result is in Under arms. I will suggest to all ladies to use it must
2012-03-03 10:30:37
Are these reviews from customers im just curious because they all restate the same stuff if this stuff is all actually true that would b a amazing.
2012-04-02 15:21:26
pls how can i get hold of the product for use and to distribut. tnx
2012-03-31 03:50:36
Dr.Nazia Khan
I am a Gynecologist and doing practice in Lahore. I got hairy cure treatment 3 years back and since that time i am advising my patients too. Its amazing effect that it pulling out hair from the root and leaving skin very smooth and soft. I agreed medically with statement of its manufacturing that it,s complete harmless and effective. As a Doctor i trust it on 100%. Any one can use it without any fear.
2011-04-07 05:00:23
Mrs. Sajida Parveen
I am total satisfied from this product form the before use this medicine my face was full of hair. I was guilty to meet people due to my hairy face. After us of this medicine hair went gone day by day. Now i feel proud to see my face. I am teacher from city district Government girls high school.
2011-04-16 02:20:20
Rana Iqbal
I am homeopathic Doctor and having practice in Pasroor. I was having heavy hair on back and around the neck.These hair were irritating me more during summer when hot, and with sweating I can not work on chair. After 5 months treatment I got rid off the hair.
2011-04-25 16:18:36
Mrs Samed
I am 56 years old and i was patient of Overien Cyst. So having facial hair. I got 1 1/2 year Laser treatment but could not cured. Just 3 month before i got treatment of Hairy Cure and just in 2 months i got full cured.
2011-08-14 15:47:17
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